Y’all Come Back Saloon

Y’all came back. I am honored. Welcome.

Now I’ll take a little time to talk about what the industry, or maybe their fans, or maybe just the infamous “they”, call the Oak Ridge Boys “First Country Album”, Y’all Come Back Saloon.

Here is where the four guys who had nothing to do with the founding of The Oak Ridge Quartet, who changed their name to The Oak Ridge Boys, all the while singing gospel music with a twang, ended up. There were quite a few guys who sang, recorded, and performed under those names, but none of them where these guys. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know what I mean. If you haven’t, go back and get educated. I have already talked about how they have to hire musicians in order to make an album because all they do is sing. I’m not saying none of them can’t play, I’m saying that if they do, it’s just not good enough.

These four modern day Oaks haven’t written on this album either. Don’t write, don’t play, never founded the outfit, hmmmm……….. It all comes back to my question; How in the world can these guys have any pride in calling themselves by what was an already established name performing to high accolades and recognition?

Here are some of the people who actually write the music because I believe that it is sacristy to ignore what boils down to the other third of the talent. It takes the singers singing, the musicians playing, and the song writers writing good songs to make these corporate musical machines work. Some of the names you probably don’t know that helped make this album what it is are, Sharon Vaughn, Gerry House, Bob Morrison, Jimbeau Hinson, Buzz Cason, Alan Rhody, Michael Huffman, Allan Chapman, Sterling Whipple, and Chick Rains.

Now if you think you might want to be the next owner of the first Oak Ridge Boys “country” album, just go ahead and click on that album cover. You’ll be whisked off to Vulture’s Vinyl eBay shop where you can put in a bid. Thanks for dropping in, and y’all come back, ya hear.

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